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:  21-10-1998 (US)
:  -
:  -
MediEvil [UK/GERMAN] Patcher (AMIGA) 31-01-1999
Cremlin Software
  PSX Hacker v1.1 [8 kb] - CLI only version.


  GUI Hacker v1.0 [26 kb] - Graphics/GUI frontend for PSX Hacker


  PSX Hacker MediEvil [UK] Patch [2 kb]


  PSX Hacker MediEvil [GERMAN] Patch [3 kb]


Short Instructions (read the included text file for additional information):
  • Create a ISO image using MakeCD.
  • Apply the appropriate country Patch:
    • PSXHacker r medievil_uk.pat CDI1:01_Mode2_49_57_33
    • PSXHacker r medievil_de.pat CDI1:01_Mode2_49_57_33
  • Burn the ISO image back to a CD-R.
NOTE: These tools are for the AMIGA computer ONLY and don't work on a PC.
MediEvil [UK] Patched CD-Backup *FINAL* 26-11-1998
DAZ / [Source]
  Patch Archive [4 kb] - Patcher for the UK & Australian version.


  Patch Archive [4 kb] - Patcher for the French version.


  Patch Archive [91 kb] - HexEdit  for the UK & Australian version.


If you try to run it on any other version, it will probably complain that it cannot find the bytes.
  • Make an image file from your CD and call it 'medievil.nrg'
  • Place in the same directory and run it.

It's not perfect because there are 10 locations (7 for the French) to patch and for each one, the whole image is searched from the start.

I hope to brush up on my assembly language to improve this but for now it's better than editing the image manually.

This patch uses a "Search and Replace" method to patch the necessary bytes rather than the normal offset method and so should work on ANY image file no matter what software produced it.

The filename does need to be medievil.nrg though so if you are using CDRWin, rename the .bin file, patch it then rename it back before burning.

NOTE: These patches don't work for the SPANISH & ITALIAN versions!
MediEvil Misc Files 21-11-1998
  MediEvil WalkThrough


MediEvil CD-Backup comments #2 15-11-1998
As for chopping the image, all it requires is that the post-gap is removed (it depends on the writer, but usually it's either 450 or 452 sectors, so cut 2352*n off the end. Where 'n' is the required value your burner adds to tracks in TAO mode. This may not be required, but I assume that the reported track length in the TOC is checked, so any post-gap added by a TAO written track *may* not work correctly due to the extra 'n' sectors. Come to think of it, just strip 450 sectors, as the PSX doesn't report frames, so +/- 2 sectors won't make a difference.

Basically, chop of 2352*450 (1,058,400 bytes) from the end of the image and write it in TAO mode and close the disc. It should then work on any burner that accepts RAW data sectors (2352 bytes) and writes in TAO mode. It is also imperative that the track type is set as Mode2/Form2 (XA) in the cue-sheet. This should be obvious, though.

As for software that supports TAO, most software should do TAO (like EasyCD Pro, just don't select the DAO option any it will default to TAO).

NOTE: By removing (chopping) the existing post-gap from an image, the CD burner is forced to generate a new post-gap (holding the correct EDC/ECC).
MediEvil CD-Backup comments #1 09-11-1998
I have tried on German, French, UK, Spanish and Australian versions and it works 100% - but the writer must be able to regenerate the EDC/ECC.

There is no reason to hex edit or run any other patches.

BTW: It should be possible to write it on ANY writer, just chop the image and write it in TAO instead of DAO, as all writers should regenerate EDC/ECC when in TAO mode.

MediEvil "compatible" CD Writers 26-11-1998
Here is a list of the CD-Writers that correctly recalculate the CheckSum when burning (the patch is still needed to remove the protection!):
CD Writer [Firmware] Software Version Patch PSX
JVC XR-W2010 [1.52i] CDRWIN 3.6b German SCPH-1002, 5502, 5552, 7002, 7502
HP7100 [3.01] CDRWIN 3.6a (image) & FireBurner (burn in TAO Mode) Spanish SCPH-5502
HP7100i [3.01] CDRWIN 3.6a (image), BinChunker 1.56 (create 2 tracks) WinOnCD (burn in TAO Mode) French SCPH-5502
HP7200i [3.01] CDRWIN 3.6a UK Hex Edit SCPH-1002
HP7200i [3.01] CDRWIN 3.6b Swedish SCPH-1002
HP8100i [1.0g] CDRWIN 3.6a UK SCPH-1002
Matshushita CW-7502 CDRWIN 3.6a Dutch -
Matshushita CW-7502 [3.02] CDRWIN 3.6a Spanish SCPH-5502
Memorex CRW-1622 [D3.7] NTI CD-Copy 95 3.1.550MU (set ignore source cd medium error) UK Hex Edit SCPH-5502
Panasonic 7502 [4.10] CDRWIN 3.6a French
Hex Edit
Philips CDD-2600 CDRWIN 3.5c UK All
Philips CDD-3610 EasyCDPro 2.11 Italian SCPH-5502
PlexWriter 412 [1.04/1.06] CDRWIN 3.6a French All
PlexWriter 412 [1.04/1.06] CDRWIN 3.6a UK SCPH-5502
Ricoh MP6200s [1.0] CDRWIN 3.6a French SCPH-1002, 55x2
Sony CDU920S [2.0c] CDRWIN 3.6a UK SCPH-5502, 7002, 7502
Sony CDU928E [1.1e] EasyCDPro 2.11 UK Hex Edit SCPH-1002
Sony CDU948S [1.0e] Nero UK Hex Edit SCPH-55x2
Teac 55S [1.1] CDRWIN 3.5c German, TRSI didn't work SCPH-1002
Teac 55S [1.0g] CDRWIN 3.6a German SCPH-5502, 7002
Teac 55S [1.k] CDRWIN 3.6a
Jitter disabled
Italian SCPH-1001, 5502, 7200
Traxdata CDR2260plus
(Yamaha CDR200)
CDRWIN 3.6b German SCPH-7502
Traxdata CDR2600
(Yamaha CDR200)
WinOnCD 3.0 (in TAO Mode) - -
Traxdata CDR4120 [5.0j] CDRWIN 3.6a German, TRSI didn't work SCPH-1002
Traxdata CDR4120 Pro [5.0h] Nero UK Hex Edit SCPH-1002
Yamaha CDR100 [1.12] CDRWIN 3.6a German SCPH-7002
Yamaha CDR100 [1.12] ECD Pro MM v3
Australian SCPH-5502, 7002, 7502
Yamaha CDR200t [1.0n] CDRWIN 3.6a Spanish SCPH-1002, 5002, 5502, 7002
Yamaha CDR200 [1.0h] CDRWIN Italian SCPH-700x
Yamaha CDR400t [1.0n] DAO 3.5c
Prassi CDRight+
- SCPH-5502
Yamaha CDR400at [1.0m] CDRWIN 3.5c German SCPH-5502
Yamaha CDR4000t - - - -
Yamaha CRW2260 - - Hex Edit -
Yamaha CRW4260 [1.0h] - - Hex Edit -
Yamaha CRW4260 CDRWIN 3.6a UK SCPH-5502, 7002, 7502
Yamaha CRW4260 CDRWIN 3.6a Spanish SCPH-5502, 7002, 7502
Yamaha CRW4260 [1.0j] CDRWIN 3.6b German SCPH-7002c
Yamaha CRW4260 [1.0j/q] CDRWIN 3.6b German SCPH-1002, 5502, 5552, 7002, 7502
Yamaha CRW4416 [1.0b] CDRWIN 3.6b German SCPH-1002, 5502, 5552, 7002, 7502
Here is a list of the CD-Writers that failed to copy:
CD Writer [Firmware]
Traxdata CDR4120 pro [5.0J] - Teac 55S drive
JVC XR2020
MediEvil [UK] Patched CD-Backup Update 07-11-1998
DAZ / [Source]
If you do not already have a hex editor, then use HEdit.

When hacking a binary CD image, you are upsetting the checksums that are built into the image to ensure data integrity.  A CD Recorder will handle this in one of two ways:

  • It will recalculate the checksum based on the data in the sector.  This is what happened for the people who were successful with my original patch.
  • It will recalculate the data based on the checksum.  This is what happened to the people who were unsuccessful.  The patch was overwritten by the CD Recorder.

The following screen grabs show a bad non working copy of Medievil on the left and a Good patched version on the right.  The differences are highlighted.

What you need to do is use your Hex Editor to SEARCH for a sequence of bytes that appear in the pictures.  When you are happy that the bytes you are looking at are the actual bytes shown on the left of my screen grabs then you can proceed to edit them to the values on the right.

I did warn you that it was a lot of editing.

The image file used was made with Nero Burning Rom and the Hex editor used was HEdit.  If you use the same (although it is not compulsory) it is highly likely that the locations of the bytes to change will also be the same.

Please do not mail me telling me that you cannot find the bytes listed.  This patch should work with the English version and the Australian version.  It may work with others but I'm not sure.

If you are successful using this patch then by all means send me a mail telling me so.   If you get another coaster then send flame mail to postmaster@localhost.

Here we go:-

  Double-click the picture to see all six pictures!

Done editing?

Then save the edited image file and burn it to a new CD.

MediEvil [AUSTRALIAN] CD-Backup 26-10-1998
Cameron Stephens
The "MediEvil Patch [UK PAL & ALL] CD-Copy Instructions (by DAZ)" can also be used for the Australian version. Only the offsets locations different slightly:
  • Location 1:  18833854 hex
  • Location 2:  187ACFFC hex
  • Location 3:  187AD164 hex

These values are the hexadecimal addresses "highlighted/selected locations" in the DAZ fix!

Tnx to Cameron Stepens for sending this fix by e-mail!

MediEvil [UNIVERSAL PATCH] CD-Backup 23-10-1998
  Patch Archive [3 kb]


Backup Instructions:
  • Make an Image-Copy using CDRWIN (using the RAW-Option).
  • Use TRSIMEDI.EXE from the archive to patch the imagefile.
  • Burn the image onto a CD-R.

Tnx to Joost & Mario for both supplying the fix!

NOTE: It has been reported that this fix fails on the French & Spanish versions!
It, for sure, doesn't work on the German version, use the instead!
MediEvil Patch [UK PAL & ALL] CD-Copy 22-10-1998
DAZ / [Source]
Also checked on Australian version which is PAL. The byte offsets are different but it the sequence of bytes is the same and so is searchable. Given this information, I don't see why it shouldn't work for any version. (Not sure about NTSC though). Let me know eh.

When copied to a recordable CD this game will not allow you to play level 4 (The Hilltop Mausoleum). To fix this limitation, do the following:

To apply the patch you will need:

Software to produce a binary CD image (CDRWin recommended)

  • A Hex editor (like HEdit)
  • A CD Recorder
  • A blank CD

 The patch:

  • Extract the CD image from the CD (original or unworking copy)
  • Load the CD image into your Hex Editor
  • The exact positions within the file may change depending on what software you use to record the image file. The following pictures are included so you can see the byte sequence around the necessary locations and were taken from an image using CDRWin.

There are 3 locations which require changes.

Location 1:

Change the highlighted locations to 'AA 87' . Yes I know the picture above shows them already changed but I had already done that before I grabbed the screen. Just search for the bytes before and after.

Location 2:

Change the selected locations to '00 00 00 00'

Location 3:

Change the selected locations to '00 00 00 00'

If you now SAVE the amended CD image and burn this image to a CD you should have a fully functional 'back-up' copy of Medievil.

Credit also goes to MrSporty who provided the Action Replay codes for the game which my patch is based on.
If anybody would like to produce an easier way to make an executable patch from my method then please let me know first and credit me when you do it. That's all I ask.


The method described above worked for me and should work for anybody who has the UK PAL version of Medievil that stopped at level 4. If it doesn't work for you then I'm really sorry but I can't help you any further.

NOTE: It has been reported that this fix also works with the Australian version and it should work for ANY version!!!
MediEvil [GERMAN] CD-Backup 22-10-1998
  Patch Archive [21 kb]


Backup Instructions:
  • Make an Image-Copy using CDRWIN onto you harddisk, image filename: MEDIEVIL.BIN
  • Use the PATCH.EXE from the archive to patch the MEDIEVIL.BIN imagefile.
  • Burn the image onto a CD-R.
NOTE: This fix works ONLY for the German version!!!
MediEvil [US Beta] CD-Backup 22-10-1998
  Patch Archive [14 kb]


Backup Instructions:
  • Make an Image-Copy using CDRWIN onto you harddisk, image filename: MEDIEVIL.BIN
  • Use the MEDIEVIL.EXE from the archive to patch the MEDIEVIL.BIN imagefile.
  • Burn the image onto a CD-R.
Info on the MediEvil Protection (Myst3rio):

first of all: don't use any patch. By now there isn't a working patch.

The protection is the same in each country but it uses different values from localization to localization. So we need different gameshark-codes/patch for each version. For example ITA and UK, both pal, differ for the value and the offset to change in memory.

MediEvil Play Instructions 19-10-1998
MrSporty [Source]
The protection is checked by reading certain sectors on the disk at a specific point in the game ... if you want to see this happening , use a blob of blue tack to jam the lid switch. Then load the disk ... go through all the intro and start a game ... when you get to the level select screen with the skull , watch the CD .. it will spin up to x4 speed for approx 1/2 a second then back to x2 speed and start playing some background music ... that's the check !!!

The check (we believe) is a sector read and it will return the following depending on the disk being original or a copy :

000db070 - aa87 0000 0800 - Original Disk
000db070 - 0000 0000 0000 - Backup Copy
000db070 - 800d b22c 197a - German Version

Ok , to bypass this , you will need an Explorer/Game Shark cartridge and what you will have to enter the following code (depending on the country):
PAL UK 300DB07000AA
PAL FRA 800DB404D16A

After this has been entered ... the game will pass the protection check no

So , by now you all should be playing level 5 and onwards .. but it don't end
there , what we need from all of you is to play test the game and report
any more checks that we may have missed ,also we need the byte offsets
checked on NTSC games/machines .. and finally could somebody who can use
this info , produce a hard byte patch to kill this protection routine once
and for all...

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