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Padus DiskJuggler FAQ
Q: What is Discjuggler and who makes it?

A: Quite simply, DJ is just another burning program out there made by Padus Inc. Padus is a company located in San Jose, CA, USA. While DJ may not be very popular for you people, it has shaken up quite a stir since it is the only program that is able to burn self-booting Dreamcast backups. More popularly, it is known in the corporate world for it's multiple CD recorder support. Using DJ with a good computer, and a couple of CDR drives, you could be burning multiple images at the same time, a unique and useful feature. Other than those major features, it's just your standard burning software.

Q: Where can I find Discjuggler?

A: There are a couple of things to think about before you choose which on you would like to download. First of all, are you planning on burning Dreamcast images? If you are, be sure to look for version 2.x or one of the newer 3.x with 2.x image support. Secondly, make sure you purchase the correct version. Some versions, that offer the ability to burn with jukeboxes (CDR Towers), are more expensive, while the full version supporting one CD Writer is a scant $49. Just for your information, Discjuggler with support for 2 or 4 CD Writers costs $79 and $299, respectively. Before you buy, you may want a trial version, which is available at // All prices listed are in US currency.

Q: OK, I have DJ now, but I am restricted to 1x, how do I fix that?

A: Buy or get a serial number

Q: OK, I bought/cracked DJ, I got a few images I want to burn, what settings do I change to do this?

A: NONE! Lots of people have been asking what settings do they need to adjust. Why would Padus ship a product only which after downloading you needed to adjust? The reason is they wouldn't, you need to load the image and burn it. Unless you know what you are doing, I don't even recommend going into the settings, preferences, and options tabs.
**NOTE: Write and Verify is a default setting when burning and while there is nothing wrong with this, it takes longer to complete the burn and is not truly necessary. You can manually change the dropdown to "Write" or you can edit the default options. Go to View, Options, then uncheck the Verify mark.


Q: I can not press the start button, why not?

A: There are a couple of reasons why that happens:

  • You don't have media in the CDR drive.
  • The image you are attempting to burn is not of native format to the version you are trying to burn.
  • You tried opening DJ by double clicking the image. Close DJ up, and load it by clicking the Start -> Programs ->DiscJuggler. Now open the image by clicking the icon that looks like a piece of papaer with a CD on it. Locate the image and you should be good to go.
  • Diskjuggler has not recognized your CDR, either because you simply didnt restart after first install, or your burner is not supported, this problem is addressed further down on the FAQ.

Q: I think my image is corrupted, what can I do?

A: First of all check your image is corrupted when you are not able to begin burning the image, if you have established that, you have 2 choices.
1. Redownload the entire image.
2. Use a image fixing tool such as CDMage. CDMage will scan the image, report errors and even FIX the errors. It's a great tool for people who handle images and I highly recommend it. Thanks to TWoeMS for this awesome program available at: // Once you start using it, it's pretty easy to understand. Next time though, make sure you SFV files as you download them, it's the easiest way to make sure you don't have a bad image. Read V|rd0's FAQ on SFV files here: // Also try CDIFix by the same maker of CDI->NRG here: //

Q: Starting DJ gives me an error in regards to ASPI.

A: You need ASPI, first try installing the program available at: // This installs the ASPI layer on your computer. If you got an error about not owning an Adaptec product, you've got a little more work to do. You need something called ForceASPI! Currently in version 1.7, it's very easy to find on the internet (hint: search // but due to legal limitations, we can not host this file on the website. If that doesn't work, search for something called ASPI_ME!. Written by Steve Gibson over at // it's installs ASPI on your computer too. Trust me, ForceASPI is the way to go.

Q: I got a buffer underrun, now what?

A: You have just wasted a CDR disc. Try a few remedies in this case: Restart the computer and close ALL programs that are open by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del. In Win98, close everything but Systray and Explorer.exe. Next, DO NOT DO ANYTHING while burning, especially if you have IDE. simply opening a folder or visiting a website can cause a buffer underrun. It's the price you pay for being cheap and going IDE ;-) If you have a SCSI, you shouldn't know the definition of a buffer underrun.

Q: I installed DJ fine and all, but it just doesn't recognize my drive, help!

A: Your drive just isn't supported, period. You must convert the images to a different format using programs, search on the internet, not the forums. There is this program out on the internet called the Jinxter Driver. Actually it's a little thing-a-ma-jig that modifies your DJ to detect your drive. Again, search on the internet, not the forums. It's had mix results by working for some people and not for others, give it a try, no harm in trying.

Q: I really need to burn this .CDI image, and DJ won't work, are there any other things I can try?

A: Actually yes, there is this program called CDIrip which converts a CDI image to Nero, and Nero supports a lot more drives than Discjuggler. You can visit the site which also has a lot of other useful image handling tools (such as CDIFix Image, and CDIRip) here: //

Q: I want to mess with the options and I see an advanced tab, what's it for?

A: If you must, the advanced tab is for people who know a little bit on how to master their images. As you can see the advanced tab covers options such as specifying block size, the mode for the disc to burned at, what the TOC should consist of, an what the offset should be. If you ignore this and leave it alone, or specify an image, it should automatically configure this for you. As I said earlier, you should just burn your images as if everything was set, and they should work just fine. You may also see an autoloader tab which contains the information for jukebox recorders, but I doubt anyone reading this would need that. If you also use 80 minute CDs or BURN-Proof, make sure you check them in the program view->options. Goto the Defaults tab and check BURN-Proof, and select the CD Size you most often work with. The options in this program are very clear, so nothing should be too confusing, but remember, everything is preset to work with burning ANY image, so you only need to change it if you are interested in personalizing your program.

Q: I always get weird errors near the end of the Test cycle, why?

A: Several users have reported having problems with the Test option, but when ignoring the Test result got good burns anyway. You decide if you want to take the chance or not.

Q: I want to backup an original Dreamcast game, is it possible?

A: No, this is not possible because an original Dreamcast game is a GD-ROM (about 1.2Go of Data) and not a CD-ROM (650Mo or 700Mo). So you just can't copy it. The only way to get Dreamcast games is to download Dreamcast ISO releases that are modified to be burnable on a simple CD-R. (sometimes on 74 minutes CD-R or 80 minutes CD-R) Just don't ask where you can find those!

Q: I want to make a backup of a Dreamcast game that is already burn, can I do that?

A: Yes! There are 2 ways to make this kind of backup.

  1. Put your burned Dreamcast CD in your CD-ROM reader or your CD-R Drive and choose the project 'CD-Player to Image'. Select a name for your image that is going to be created (don't forget to set image size to 80 minutes in 'options' and go in 'advanced' and check 'ignore errors') then press 'start'. Once it's done, just close the window and choose 'No' when the program asks you if you want to save the project. Open a new project and choose 'Image to CD-Recorder' then select the image you've just created before, insert a blank CD-R and press 'start'. It's recommended to use Discjuggler 3.x if you want to backup burned Dreamcast CD as it contains less bugs and more compatibility.
  2. Another way if your burner does not support Multisession Mode with Discuggler is to use a cdr software called PSXCOPY which is very simple to use. You'll be able to copy the copied Dreamcast game because PSXCOPY is working session per session. This tool isn't easy to find but once you'll get it you should be able to copy most of the Dreamcast titles released. (some games aren't working with this method as far as I know... like Shenmue and some other titles). [Ed. Note: PSXCopy are hacked versions of existing burning software. PSXCopy6 is actually NTI CD Copier 3, but someone just hexedited the program itself to read PSXCopy, either to be stupdi or make money off it. If you're going to buy PSXCopy, do yourself a favor and get the original software.)

The information contained herein is provided as-is. No warranties of any kind are expressed or implied; use of this information is solely the responsibility of the persons accessing this document. The author will neither assume responsibility for illegal or other misuse of the information contained herein nor damage done to humans, animals, plants or facilities.

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