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BlindRead & BlindWrite
BlindRead v3.0.2.0 [2.7 MB] - VSO Soft
BlindWrite v0.99.2.0 [2.7 MB] - VSO Soft
BlindRead 3 is a powerful CD Reader software, designed to dump the content of a whole CD in an ISO image file, which can be burned onto a CD. 

If you have a CD that cannot be read by other software, if you experience bad CD duplication, then you need BlindRead 3.

Supported CD formats: Data, Audio, Mode 1, Mode 2 and even 3DO, PlayStation and Saturn.

BurnDrive v1.0.0.7 Beta [1.2 MB] - BurnDrive
CDR Identifier
CDR Identifier v1.63 [107 KB] - Frank Wolf
CDRWIN v3.8D [13-08-01] [614 KB] - Golden Hawk
CDRWIN v4.0 [13-08-01] [614 KB] - Golden Hawk
CD-Copy v2.03e [12-04-01] [1.3 MB] - Astarte
CloneCD v3.0.8.2 [2.0 MB] - Oliver Kastl / Elaborate Bytes
CloneCD v2.8.5.1 [1.4 MB] - Oliver Kastl / Elaborate Bytes
CloneCD is a powerful CD-Copy program. It writes in Raw mode, which allows it to have total control on the data written. Therefore, CloneCD will produce real 1:1 copies of your PSX CDs. No other program is able to do the same but it only works for a select number of CD-Readers & CD-Writers!.
CloneCD PSX Read Settings:
  • Enable Read "Digital ID" Protection.
  • Enable Read Extra Data from Audio Tracks.
CloneCD PSX Write Settings:
  • Enable Don't repair sub-channel data.
CloneCD Database
CloneCD Database v2.0.0.2 [1.4 MB] - MoD
DAEMON Tools v2.74 [203 KB]
DDump v1.10 [90 KB] - XiT
DiscJuggler v3.00.800 [6.3 MB] - Padus
DiscJuggler 2000 v2.00.412 [3.6 MB] - Padus
EasyCD Creator
EasyCD Creator v5.02a Update Standard/Deluxe [5.2 MB] - Adaptec
HyCD Record&Play
HyCD Record&Play v4.0.1121 - HyCD
HyCD Record&Play v3.1.0503 - HyCD
Insektor v1.1 [151 KB]
InstandCD v5.2 Update [? MB] - VOB
IsoBuster v0.99.7.3 (10-09-2001)
Nero Burning Rom
Nero Burning Rom v5.5.2.4 [4.9 MB] - Ahead
NTI CD Maker Pro
NTI CD Maker Pro v3.6.940 [4.8 MB]
NTI CD Maker 2000 Pro v4.2.65 [2.0 MB]
Perfect Copy
Perfect Suite 2001 v0.9.3 [2.1 MB]
Perfect Copy 2000 SRIII [1.6 MB]
PlayBackup v2.1 [310 KB]
Toast Deluxe v4.1 [3.9 MB] - Adaptec/Roxio
Toast Titanium v5.x [? MB] - Adaptec/Roxio